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Why You Should Send Cold Call Emails
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If you’ve sat down with me for a mentoring session, you probably know that I’m not on to be embarrassed to email someone out of the blue. There’s no shame in the game of cold emailing in my book, whether I know them or not – BUT there are special cases where is is a no-no. One of the hardest things in any industry is knowing no one and having no connections in the company that you are dreaming to work or intern at. An easy solution to this problem is a cold email – think cold calling but without the awkward trembling voice and “um’s”.

 Why you should do it, too:

A number of my luxury internship interviews and jobs came from a cold email. I found the contact’s email online – whether it was public on their LinkedIn page or just available from and organic search – and sent them an email. I started with how I was interested in learning more about their internship program and to see if they were hiring. I then began to introduce myself with a simple 1 liner and spoke about how I was interested in developing my skills at their company because of *my HONEST reason there*. The cold call email is shaped like a simple, condensed cover letter. *Please, I always attached my resume to the emails.

Every time I hit “send“, I braced myself for a hard-hitting ignore. But for about 85-90% of the time, I received a response back that either was an “We are hiring now, we’d love to see you for an interview” or “Unfortunately, our internship program ended and we only have freelancers.” Even if the response was not what I was looking for, I knew that I could develop this connection further by asking to go out to coffee to learn more about what that person does at work, etc.

Cold emails lead to much more than just interviews or job offers. They lead to the opportunity of finding mentors or more information about that given field, company or position. Cold emailing someone that you admire is a good way to create a type of relationship like that.

Here are a few tips for cold emails:

  • Have an attention-grabbing subject line.
  • Keep the email short and sweet – think half a page or less.
  • Make it PERSONAL.
  • Say what you are looking to gain to speak to this person. Is it advice? Don’t ask for a JOB.
  • Thank them for their time and consideration.