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#TBT: Prada/Miu Miu Internship
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First of my #TBT series where I look back to past internship experiences and reflect on photos or discuss a bit about how AMAZING  it was(or not and why). I will discuss how it has shaped my career or opened some doors for future opportunities.

#TBT: Prada/Miu Miu (they were combined as Miu Miu did not have an intern at the time)

Role: Public Relations Intern

Term: January 2015 to June 2015

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One word: RAD

How did you get the internship?

I did some hardcore digging to get the email address for HR. I did the traditional cold-call email to introduce myself and we clicked immediately and I was in an interview the week after (all about timing… I emailed Mid-November for the Spring Internship). I wouldn’t always recommend this type of approach because sometimes companies prefer interns to email an “intern” email but Prada has been on my internship lists for a while and I was going to do everything to get my name on their radar. Right before Prada, the only “luxury fashion” internship that I had was with Christian Louboutin. None of my contacts at Louboutin were in the same network as Prada so a simple referral wouldn’t cut it.

Once I was at the interview, my true personality and work experience shined through. I wore a textured blazer, white silk tank, black skinny jeans and black suede pumps. I spent a week freaking out to see if I got the internship or not – I’ve never been this nervous for an internship/interview before. And all of a sudden, I get an offer letter in my inbox. Before I knew it, my first day at Prada would be the first day of the rest of my life. Looking back now… Prada was that first step for me to start my luxury fashion career at 19 years old.. Sophomore in college.

Was it anything like the movie The Devil Wears Prada?

None of my luxury fashion internships have been ANYTHING like The Devil Wears Prada. As funny as it is actually interning at Prada, the movie more so depicts the life of a fashion magazine closet internship not the life of a Prada intern. The company itself is very corporate and the internship program is very structured so interns actually do work. I never fetched coffee since we were maybe like 15 minutes away from  Starbucks and we had our own cafeteria in the building (lunch buffets yaaas!). The craziest thing I probably ever did during the time was be able to stand up and place a dollar into the snack vending machine (across from me) and get to snack on M&M peanuts all day.

Would you intern there again?

Yes, I would. I worked with such a great team of successful and talented people. I left the internship with a foundation to start my luxury fashion career on and it would be so exciting to go back and show off new skills.

Out of five stars, what would you rate the internship?

5 stars! They even had a shuttle to take you to the various subways on 42nd street at 15 minute intervals after 6:00 pm.