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Trip Duration: March 19 – March 21, 2016

Reason: Host a lecture on Fashion Marketing/Internships

Nothing gets me more excited than to be invited to speak to others about my journey moving to NYC and breaking the fashion industry single-handedly. But, it wasn’t until November 2015 where I had my first *pinch-me-moment* that didn’t involve squealing in my living room over an internship offer letter. I was approached by the fashion club of Penn State (The Fashion Society) to do a lecture about working in fashion and to meet their students. How crazy?! Little ole me? I couldn’t believe it.

They have said that they have been following my journey for quite some time – thanks to all of my Instagram and Facebook updates, and wanted to meet with me in person to share some inspo and tips. This was really my first time leaving NYC to speak to fashion clubs/groups so I was so excited to say “yes” and visit PSU for the first time. A couple months pass and the final details were confirmed. From the Instagram graphics to the posters, everything was finally ready. When it came time to hop on the bus to go, my duffel was all packed and my sketchbook was in hand for the 5 hour one-way ride to the state.

The Nittany Lion Inn

The Nittany Lion Inn

Once the bus came to a stop at State College, PA, I was picked up and brought to Nittany Lion Inn, a hotel that was nestled on the edge of one of PSU’s campuses. It was my little taste of seeing the traditional college life that I don’t have at Pace University in New York City. I saw the jocks… the sorority sisters… the frat brothers… and everyone in between, and PSU gear everywhere I looked. At Pace, you won’t really see anything like that one someone older than a freshman. We’ve swapped our school spirit tops with black leather moto jackets, haha. The girls at FS gave me a tour of the large campus and the town – reminded me a lot about Boston and I loved how much the school campus made an impact on the town that was BUILT around it. One of the girls was saying how if the school disappeared, the whole town would disappear.

We grabbed dinner at a fun pub that had the best Philly cheese steaks and burgers – I brought the other half to my hotel for a night snack. The interior of this Inn reminded me of the White House or some presidential type of vibe, I loved it. It was a great getaway from my modern, sleek surroundings in NYC. The day came to present my 1 hour lecture to the students and I was so excited. I wore a white over-sized dress shirt, black leather pants and heels. It was very “basic” but I felt very professional and on point with my personal style. I presented to a full room of PSU students who were either:

  1. Looking to start a career in fashion
  2. Have already started but looking to maximize their potential
  3. Looking to see if developing a fashion interest professionally is worth it

My hour with the students flew by and this was one of my favorite things this year so far. Thank you to the e-board below for working so hard on putting together this opportunity for me.




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