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How I made $6K in ONE MONTH
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One word: eBay

As a student and intern, I always look for ways for some extra spending money to buy clothes or shoes that have been in my online shopping carts for months. I currently am in a paid internship and I babysit a 1 year old and his 4 month old brother every weekend so I have money always coming in. But when I have my spontaneous urges to jet set or purchase Gucci fur loafers, I need to make sure I’m just using extra money for that. I’ve always seen people sell their clothes online (eBay) or on shopping apps like Depop or Poshmark so I decided to give it a try.

First, I tried Depop and kind of loved and hated it at the same time. For starters, not that many people are on the app and those who are on the app are not serious about making purchases. It is a lot of “omg I love that top” to “can I purchase for $10 shipped”, mind you these all retail for hundreds. I love how Depop has no seller fees though because those can add up but I just couldn’t deal with the users. ALSO, I love how some bloggers were selling their closets on there too! Like Aimee from Song of Style and Chiara from The Blond Salad were selling some pieces for low prices too since they get everything for free *shrug*.

I found the most success on eBay – I’ve developed a newfound passion for running my own online marketplace. In one month on eBay, I racked in over $6,000 (after seller fees – 10% of each sale) by selling used to unworn pieces from my closet. I found myself selling old Louboutins that I would never ever wear – you know the funky ones that look good on my shoe shelf but look better as cash being used to book a flight to Miami for a weekend. I began selling designer clothes that I have been hoarding over the past years of interning or just impulse shopping because I don’t have any nice galas or cocktail parties lined up in the near future (for now). My Louboutins sold for an estimated $700-900 each while my designer casual/dressy dresses sold for more than $1000 each since I kept all the tags/boxes/receipts.

My big tip for those interested in some early Spring cleaning is to keep note of future purchases and the journey or use they will be to you. I remember going crazy at sample sales knowing that I would never purchase these pieces at retail price – yet couple years later after a dozen wears, I get to make money off of them! Way more than I paid during the sales!! I would say, keep all of the tags, receipts, garment bags, and boxes that come along with any purchase that you make – especially luxury! Buyers are looking for authenticity and in a world full of counterfeits, when you have these pieces that really “make” the sale, you are banking.