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    Hi. I'm Cindy Nguyen.

    Student, Fashion Intern & Fashion Enthusiast

    This self-titled blog, "Cindy Off Duty" is inspired by my life beyond the classroom or my intern desk at some of my favorite fashion jobs. Those around me know me as an Honors student and a serial fashion intern. This is a place where I don't think about school or interning (for the most part) and I don't "work" - I'm off the clock, I'm off duty! Cindy Off Duty is a blog I created to provide a daily dose of beauty or fashion inspiration from the streets of NYC or from the new sights that I visit while traveling. #COD is more than a personal style blog or a lifestyle blog. This has become my fashion diary, beauty DIY recipebook to my interactive visual passport.
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    x Cindy


Download my resume: HERE

Wanna talk? Email me at cindngyn@gmail.com